Vintage 30-A

Vintage 30-A is a vision embraced between two very close sisters, who share a love of Art, Fashion, Creativity and all things Vintage. Ashley Palmer and Shelby Altamura made a pact and commitment in 2011 to usher the dream into a reality.

In 2008, both sisters decided it was time to move back home to the beaches of the Florida Panhandle, after being away for more than ten years. Both settled along Highway 30-A, an area always close to their heart.  As Shelby stated, " I feel that my entire life I have been making my way to this business"...."As a lover of all things vintage, antique and historic, the ah-ha moment came to me one evening as I was thinking of how much I love the area I live in, and how it has a sense of timelessness." … "Mix that together with the history, beautiful beaches and charming coastal communities along the 30-A corridor and that's when the name Vintage 30-A came to mind."

All of the above inspired her quotes: " The past can bring the joy of today" and "Inspired by the past to bring the joy of today."

Each year brings new and exciting creativity, challenges and direction. Please stay tune and see what 2019 brings.